Revell BK-117 Eurocopter "Space Design" 1/72

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The Eurocopter BK117 is a twin engine medium lift utility helicopter. It is used for personnel transport, often in the VIP role; aerial lifting work; Police & Military uses; Air Ambulance and Search & Rescue.

The BK117 was originally designed as a joint venture between Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan. MBB was later bought by Daimler-Benz which then became a part of Eurocopter. Development costs were shared between the 2 partners with MBB developing the rotors (based on those used for the Bo 105, the tail boom, flight controls and hydraulic systems. Kawasaki developed the landing gear, airframe, and main transmission.

The first prototype flew in 1979, with 443 helicopters being produced (331by MBB and 112 by Kawasaki). The successor of this aircraft is the EC-145 and indeed the last variant of the BK117 the C-2 is actually an EC-145.